Chemical Peels

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Results Driven Acne Facials

Start your skincare program with our deep cleansing and refining clinical facial. Suitable for all skin types, this facial is designed to clear congested, oily, and problematic skin. This targeted treatment combines extractions with a multi-acid peel to promote a smoother, healthier-looking complexion. 

At La Vie Spa, we combine techniques and modalities to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish the skin using nutrient-rich products to brighten, balance, and clarify. 

BioRePeel Revive Facial

Welcome to a revelation in skincare, the BioRePeel Revive Facial, La Vie Spa’s crowning jewel and best-selling peel. Innovative 35% TCA Peel developed in Italy utilizes a patented bi-phase technology to deliver the same bio-stimulating, revitalizing, and peeling-like effects of a medium-depth peel, all without the downtime typically associated with them. Clinically tested and proven to reduce damage caused by UV rays, melasma, acne, and acne scarring. This powerfully blended formula improves skin texture, tightens, and reduces wrinkles, scars, and pigmentation. Suitable for all skin types, the BioRePeel Facial works meticulously to diminish signs of aging, all while promoting cellular renewal and deep hydration.

Experience the transformative power of BioRePeel Revive Facial and unveil your inner luminosity.

This 60-minute luxurious facial peel combines the powerful effects of innovative ingredients with the application of the luxurious CryoPeptide Brightening Masque – a cooling/nourishing and brightening treatment combined with LightStim Red Light Therapy, which uses cutting-edge LED technology to stimulate collagen production and reduce signs of aging and enhances your skin’s radiance. The red light therapy and the potent peptide-infused masque work synergistically to promote cellular regeneration, improve skin texture, and diminish fine lines and wrinkles. It can be done 1x bi-weekly – a series of 4 is recommended.

Key Ingredients

Salicylic Acid helps decongest pores and control excess oil, Tartaric Acid brightens the skin, Lactobionic Acid ensures effective intercellular metabolism, Vitamin C provides antioxidant benefits and strengthen capillaries, Amino acids and Vitamin B2 revitalize and stimulate the formation of healthy new cells.


Must be off retinoids & exfoliation 7 days prior, Witness the transformation as your skin is gently exfoliated, detoxified, and imbued with nutrients, emerging with a glow that’s both felt and seen.

Special Features

Our best-selling peel is celebrated for its efficacy and gentleness, An exquisite blend of rejuvenation and pampering, leaving no downtime, just luminosity.

Indulge in Renewal

Contact La Vie Spa today to reserve your journey towards rejuvenation and see why it remains our best-selling peel. Your skin is a masterpiece; let us perfect it. Call now—because your most radiant skin awaits.

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